MASS HUMAN RESOURCE is an ISO 9001:2015 certified leading Ethical Recruitment Company. We are established on 2010 with Government License 938/067/068. We are operating with 25 energetic team member to serve our distinguish clients.  We supplied more than 20 thousand workers to the permitted countries.

We MASS HUMAN RESOURCE are fully committed to adhere to all Ethical Recruitment and Zero Cost policy in all our recruitment process and provide equal opportunities to all the workers without any bias. We strictly follow all the labour laws policies in every step of our recruitment.

We desire to create an unforgettable landmark in the services we provided by retaining inspiration drive and an unwavering willingness to always go the extra mile.   

About Us
About Us
Our Refine Process

Our Refine Process

Utilizing our resources that include the talented team and selection process, we strain out the best applicant from a crowd of hundreds. Our selection procedure incorporates many stages. Our team has experts for the different industries who have gained expertise and are themselves well established name in that particular field. Our team of interviewer includes banking experts, IT experts, broking experts and engineers.

Our Work Process Includes:

Conducting comprehensive study of an organization’s business operation

Identifying and defining scope of potential problems.

 Business vulnerability analysis and cost- benefit assessments.

 Verifying and analyzing current business management practices.

 Conducting surveys to identify organizational strengths and weaknesses.

 Assisting in the objective design of alternatives and measures for improvements.

Management Skills




Get a Wide Range of Work Experience


Practical knowledge and enthusiasm to get the right result

Our management has the above mentioed advantages

Corporate Commitment

Corporate Commitment


In today’s competitive Contemporary Industrial Arena, Human Resources are the most valuable assets that the world needed desperately. So in the midst of this, we, MASS HUMAN RESOURCES PVT LTD a leading manpower company in Nepal, is dedicated to provide quality and skilled workers on the respective fields, fully supporting the vision of Responsiible Business Allience (RBA) on the Zero Cost Policy.

We are aligning our business and operations to promote the elements emphasize by RBA, this includes workers and our staffs right and responsibilities, business ethics and implementing management system. We invest our consistent efforts to meet the expectations of our valued business associates and manpower. We will ensure that all the workers and our staff will be treated as per the MHR labour policies (Non-Discrimination, wages, religion, color, appearance and freely choosing employment) ethical policies (No improper advantages, disclosure of information) and others policies, rules and regulation made based on the RBA standards and local laws. We will minimize our drawback with the constant and rational focus on positive changes.

We, Mass Human Resources will maintain our commitment to regulatory and legal compliance, following Nepal Labor Law and Foreign Employment Act. We, MHR team will make our services better and smooth according to feedback of Clients and Workers. In coming days, we will make our recruitment policy more transparent and easier.

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Our Social Responsibility

These well said words by Former President Mr Bill Clinton explains that everyone in the world should not only fulfill their personal responsibilities but also their social responsibilities. We at Mass Human Resource Pvt Ltd. very well agree with the words of Mr Clinton. The need of fulfilling the corporate social responsibility initiatives in business practice seems to be important in response to the dramatic environmental changes as well as to the existing social problems in the society. We try to make sure that we equally contribute to the society and the environment while fulfilling our day to day responsibilities. We are continuously involved in serving the society while serving their needs at earliest. Mass Human resource Pvt Ltd. is helping an orphanage home named HORAC/Nepal (Home for rescue of the Afflicted children) which is situated in Taudaha, Kirtipur 15. Our Managing Director D​i​pendra ​B​ahadur​ ​​O​li is secretary of this organization. He is connected with this organization. There are 32 orphan children who are living there. HORAC/Nepal provides education, shelter, food etc. for those children. It is working to preserve the child rights. For more detail you can visit our website www.horac.org​​

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